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City map Vienna

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    Vienna – a brief overview

    One of Europe’s great imperial cities, Vienna is timeless and elegant. The home of the Habsburgs overflows with baroque grandeur – thanks in part to the elegant schlösser (palaces) that the imperial family constructed around the city. Under Habsburg patronage, Vienna became a vibrant hub for music and the arts; it was no accident that Mozart, Haydn

    and Beethoven were drawn to the city that launched their music to the world. Two centuries later and the music of composers from the Viennese school still floats across the city squares, but the historic art houses have been joined by space-age hotels, designer bars and dynamic modern museums.

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    Top 10 sights in Vienna

    Wien, Spanische Hofreitschule, Österreich, Travel Guide, Travelguide

    The Hofburg

    1010 Vienna
    Tel: (01) 533 7570
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Daily 0900-1730 (Sep-Jun)
    0900-1800 (Jul-Aug)

    The primary residence of the Habsburg emperors for more than 700 years, the Hofburg has been remodelled and embellished repeatedly over the centuries. Highlights include the private apartments of Franz Josef I and the Habsburg family silver.


    Schönbrunner Schlossstrasse 47
    1130 Vienna
    Tel: (01) 811 13239
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Daily 0830-1730 (Apr-Jun and Sep-Oct)
    0830-1830 (Jul-Aug)
    0830-1700 (Nov-Mar)

    The Habsburg love of pretty things went into overdrive at their finest imperial residence. This extraordinary baroque palace is a treasure house of elegant furniture, lavish upholstery, gilded chandeliers and trompe l’oeil paintwork.


    Prinz Eugen-Strasse 27
    1030 Vienna
    Tel: (01) 7955 7134
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Daily 1000-1800

    Offering two exquisite baroque palaces for the price of one, this was once the personal playground of Prince Eugene of Savoy, and later, of Franz Ferdinand. Set in elegant formal gardens, the Upper and Lower Belvedere overflow with Habsburg riches.

    Kunsthistorisches Museum

    1010 Vienna
    Tel: (01) 152 5240
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Tue-Wed and Fri-Sun 1000-1800
    Thurs 1000-2100

    It’s hard to say which is more impressive – the lavish art or the building that contains it. Set in a Habsburg palace, this grand art museum covers everything from the German Renaissance to works by Titian, Rubens and Veronese.


    Museumsplatz 1/5
    1070 Vienna
    Tel: (01) 523 5881
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Hours vary for individual museums

    A whole city block of museums, arts centres and cultural spaces, MuseumsQuartier is the creative heart of modern Vienna. Take your pick from children’s museums, performance halls, public exhibition spaces and big art museums such as the Leopold Museum and Museum Moderner Kunst.

    The Prater

    1020 Vienna
    Tel: (01) 728 0516
    Show on map

    Long before the fad for giant Ferris wheels swept the world’s capitals, the Wiener Riesenrad was lifting tourists high above the streets of Vienna. The giant wheel, with its chalet-style cabins, was constructed in 1897, and the park that surrounds it has been a favourite Viennese retreat since 1766.


    Show on map

    Vienna has a ring road like no other. Following the lines of the old city walls, the Ringstrasse was laid out in the 19th century, and the tram route that follows it whispers past some of Vienna’s most spectacular buildings, from historic hotels to handsome state offices and elegant palaces.


    Stephansplatz 3
    1010 Vienna
    Tel: (01) 5155 23054
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Mon-Sat 0600-2200
    Sun 0700-2200

    From the baroque high altar to the soaring South Tower and the Habsburg eagles on the roof tiles, this Gothic masterpiece is a testament to the imperial glory of Vienna.

    Vienna Boys Choir

    Am Augartenspitz 1
    1020 Vienna
    Tel: (01) 2345 6789
    Show on map

    Founded way back in 1498, the Vienna Boys Choir is perhaps the most famous gathering of trebles and altos in Europe. Despite 500 years of history, the choir exercises its collective vocal chords in the futuristic MuTh concert hall, designed for almost perfect acoustics.

    Spanische Hofreitschule

    Michaelerplatz 1
    1010 Vienna
    Tel: (01) 533 9031
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Sat-Thurs 0900-1600
    Fri 0900-1900

    Watching the prancing Lipizzaner stallions has been a favourite pastime for Vienna’s well-to-do since the time of the Habsburgs. The stables are set within the Hofburg palace complex, and horses perform their famous dressage routines on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Good to know

    Country information

    Country overview

    Austrias landscape is of a beautiful and great diversity. As a travellor, you will find the majestic Alps as well as the green valleys of the Danube. Austria is known for it’s historic architecture, impressive museums and galeries but also for it’s high class ski regions. Mozart, Schubert and the inventor oft he psycho-analysis, Sigmund Freud,

    were born here and are some of it’s most famous and influential sons. When it comes to architecture, the buildings oft he Habsburgers are especially valuable. This dynasty dominated central europe for seven centuries and left a great heritage which includes for example the opera house in Vienna.


    Mountainous Austria is a landlocked country at the heart of Europe, bordered by Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy. The diverse landscape can be divided into five sections: the Eastern Alps (62.8%), the Alpine and Carpathian Foothills (11.3%), the Pannonian Lowlands (11.3%), the Vienna Basin (4.4%) and the Granite and Gneiss Highlands or Bohemian Massif (10.1%). Austria’s highest mountain is Grossglockner (3,798m/12,465ft) found in the Alps’ Hohe Tauern range, and, on its way from the Black Forest in southern Germany to the Black Sea, the winding River Danube flows for approximately 360km (220 miles) through the country.

    Nearly half of Austria is covered with forests, with the lower regions particularly densely wooded. Fir predominates above 488m (1,600ft), and gives way to larch and stone-pine beyond 1,219m (4,000ft); the Alpine foothills consist predominantly of arable land and grassland (above 610m/2,000ft); the Pannonian region is characterised by scrub and heathland.

    General knowledge

    Key facts

    Population: 8430000

    Population Density (per sq km): 100

    Capital: Vienna (Wien).


    German is the official language. Regional dialects are pronounced and within the different regions of the country one will encounter marked variations from Hochdeutsch, ie ‘standard’ German. There are Croatian and Slovene-speaking minorities in the Burgenland and southern Carinthia respectively.


    Euro (€) = 100 cents. Notes are in denominations of €500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5. Coins are in denominations of €2, 1 and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cents.


    230 volts AC, 50Hz. Round two-pin European plugs are standard.

    General business opening hours

    Mon-Fri 0800-1230 and 1330-1730.

    Public holidays

    Below are listed Public Holidays for the January 2015-December 2015 period.

    New Year’s Day: 01. January 2015
    Epiphany: 06. January 2015
    Easter Monday: 06. April 2015
    Labour Day: 01. May 2015
    Ascension Day: 14. May 2015
    Whit Monday: 25. May 2015
    Corpus Christi: 04. June 2015
    Assumption: 15. August 2015
    National Day: 26. October 2015
    All Saints’ Day: 01. November 2015
    Immaculate Conception: 08. December 2015
    Christmas Day: 25. December 2015

    Good to know

    Getting around

    Public Transport

    Navigating Vienna has moved on a bit since the days of horse-drawn carriages. The city’s impressively integrated mass transit network is run by Wiener Linien (tel: (01) 790 7100;; passes lasting from 24 hours to one month are valid on the city’s buses, trams and underground trains. The fastest mode of transport is the U-Bahn, with underground trains connecting most quarters of the city. However, you’ll enjoy a better view of Vienna from one of the city’s buses or trams. Buy tickets from U-Bahn stations or on board buses and trams.


    The taxi service in Vienna is well organised and fares are metered, except for longer journeys outside the city limits. Flag down a cab in the street, or call to book with Taxi 60160 (tel: 60160), Taxi 40100 (tel: 40100) or Taxi 31300 (tel: 31300). Airport taxis can be booked through Flughafentaxi-Wien (tel: (01) 890 3018). A tip of around 10% is customary.


    Nightlife in Vienna


    A cultured evening of classical music is still the definitive night out in Vienna, but these days, you can also take your pick from trendy cocktail bars, laid-back bistro pubs and late-night DJ clubs. Top drinking districts include Gumpendorferstrasse

    in Mariahilf, Schleifmuhlgasse in Wieden and the old Jewish quarter in Innere Stadt. In summer, the banks of the Danube are transformed into the city’s most popular bar strip.


    Opernring 2
    1010 Vienna
    Show on map

    Vienna’s most famous opera house, with a stunning programme of classic opera and stylish modern interpretations.

    Theater an der Wien

    Linke Wienzeile 6A
    1060 Vienna
    Show on map

    The ‘new’ opera house in Vienna has been staging grand operas, plays and orchestral performances since 1801.

    Sky Bar

    Kärntner Strasse 19
    1010 Vienna
    Show on map

    If your perfect recipe for a chic night out is a glass with a view, head to this lofty cocktail bar, perched atop the Steffl department store.


    Augartenbrücke 1
    1010 Vienna
    Show on map

    A year-round favourite for big-name guest DJs and local talent, covering everything from Austrian techno to international rock.

    Loos American Bar

    Kärntner Durchgang 10
    1010 Vienna
    Show on map

    This tiny art deco speakeasy has been serving the best cocktails in the Innere Stadt since 1908.


    Restaurants in Vienna


    Dining in Vienna spans everything from piping hot pretzels bought from a street stand to lavish banquet dinners overlooking the city rooftops. As well as traditional restaurants, the city is famous for its

    old-fashioned coffee shops and beisln (bistro pubs) – the best place to sample authentic goulash and Wiener Schnitzel. Good areas for dining include Magareten, Mariahilf and around the Stephansplatz.

    Restaurant Steirereck

    Am Heumarkt 2A
    1010 Vienna
    Show on map

    Price: Expensive

    The grand dame of Vienna restaurants, with two Michelin stars and a gorgeous location in a historic pavilion in the Stadtpark.

    Walter Bauer

    Sonnenfelsgasse 17
    1010 Vienna
    Show on map

    Price: Expensive

    A superior menu, complimented by a superior wine list, in this cosy, Michelin-starred Viennese eatery.

    Glacis Beisl

    MuseumsQuartier Breitegasse 4
    1070 Vienna
    Show on map

    Price: Moderate

    Diners flock to this garden restaurant in the MuseumsQuartier for perfectly prepared Viennese classics with a modern twist.

    Meierei im Stadtpark

    Am Heumarkt 2A
    1030 Vienna
    Show on map

    Price: Moderate

    Casual cousin to Restaurant Steirereck, serving lavish breakfasts and the city’s favourite goulash in a fine setting in the Stadtpark.

    Café Sacher

    Hotel Sacher, Philharmonikerstrasse 4
    1010 Vienna
    Show on map

    Price: Budget

    The historic coffee shop at the Hotel Sacher is still the best place to sample Vienna’s famous Sachertorte, invented here in 1832.


    Calendar of events

    Concerts at Musikverein

    1 January – 31 December 2015

    Venue: Musikverein Vienna

    Each year visitors to the magnificent city of Vienna can see performances of Mozart’s greatest works in the city’s amazing Musikverein Vienna concert hall. Visitors can take their pick from a season-long programme that includes a selection of his overtures, arias, duets and symphonies.

    Mozart House Vienna

    1 January – 31 December 2015

    Venue: Mozart House Vienna

    Visitors are able to travel back in time to take a glimpse at what life was like for one of the world’s most illustrious composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Domgasse 5 is where the composer spent some of his most formative years from1784 to 1787 and it is the only one of Mozart’s former residences that still exists today. His former home has been transformed into an informative museum detailing what life was like in Vienna for the great composer. As well as exploring his music, exhibits also detail the everyday aspects of his life, including his relationship with the Freemasons and his passion for games. This is a great exhibition that is open throughout the year.

    Festwochen Wien (Vienna Festival)

    14 May – 21 June 2015

    Venue: Venues throughout the city

    An extravaganza of music, drama and dance.

    Danube Island Festival

    26 – 28 June 2015


    Venue: Across 19 islands of the River Donau (also known as the Danube)

    An event especially for young people, the annual Danube Island Festival is one of the largest youth parties in Europe that attracts visitors from all over the world. The fun festival programme includes a lively blend of music, dancing, entertainment and food and drink stalls. Performances take place in a number of different open-air stages and tented areas around the island.

    Vienna Jazz Festival

    1 – 11 July 2015

    Venue: Various venues across Vienna

    A great event that always creates a buzz in this magical city, the annual Vienna Jazz Festival is a popular musical extravaganza that attracts music fans from across the world. Performances take place in various venues and outdoor spaces around the city including the wonderful Vienna State Opera House. First held in 1991, the event is now regarded as one of the biggest and best jazz festivals in the world.

    Vienna Opera Ball

    4 February 2016

    Venue: Vienna State Opera House

    A suitable finale to Austria’s ball season, the annual Opera Ball is a prestigious affair that is famed across Europe. Attracting an impressive list of celebrities and socialites, the Opera Ball takes place in the city’s wonderful State Opera House which is transformed into a giant dance floor. But don’t despair if you don’t have a Prince or Princess Charming to take you to the ball; the event is broadcast live on Austrian television. Very much part of the national identity, this is a great introduction to Austrian high society.

    Schonbrunn Palace Easter Market

    12 – 28 March 2016

    Venue: Schonbrunn Palace Easter Market.

    With the incredible Baroque architecture of Schonbrunn Palace in the background, this has to be one of the prettiest settings for a market anywhere in the world. It is also a great place to soak up the atmosphere and learn more about Austrian Easter traditions and customs as shoppers browse the main stalls selling everything from Easter eggs to handmade gifts and souvenirs. There are also numerous drinks and food stalls selling regional and national specialities.

    Osterklang (Sounds of Easter)

    20 – 27 March 2016

    Venue: Theater an der Wien

    Classical music festival featuring international artists.

    Vienna City Marathon

    10 April 2016

    Runners in the popular Vienna City Marathon follow a 42km (26.25 mile) course through the heart of the city, taking in many of its famous historic sites. Considered to be one of the most picturesque marathon courses in the world, the event always attracts thousands of applications from runners from all over the world. The race begins outside the UN Building in the new part of the town and follows a course over the Reichsbrucke bridge taking runners over the famous Danube river.

    All information subject to change. Please check the dates on the relevant event organizer’s website.


    Hotels in Vienna


    Vienna has hotels to suit all tastes and budgets, but it would be a shame to visit the imperial city and not stay somewhere with a few baroque flourishes.

    Historic hotels and pensionen (guesthouses) in the 3-star category abound; with more to spend, you can live like a king in a former Habsburg palace.

    Palais Coburg Residenz

    Coburgbastei 4
    1010 Vienna
    Show on map

    Category: Expensive

    A gleaming white imperial palace, with elegantly designed rooms that would make a Habsburg feel at home.

    Hotel Imperial Vienna

    Kärntner Ring 16
    1015 Vienna
    Show on map

    Category: Expensive

    The first choice for visiting royalty, the Hotel Imperial recreates the vanished luxury of the imperial era, with impeccable service and suites as grand as royal apartments.

    Das Triest

    Wiedner Hauptstrasse 12A
    1040 Vienna
    Show on map

    Category: Expensive

    Terence Conran had a hand in the interiors at this stylish modern design hotel, in a prime location for shopping, dining and nightlife.

    Hotel Royal

    Singerstrasse 3
    1010 Vienna
    Show on map

    Category: Moderate

    Looking out onto Stephansdom, Hotel Royal punches above its weight when it comes to facilities and service.

    Hotel Daniel

    Landstraßer Gürtel 5
    1030 Vienna
    Show on map

    Category: Budget

    This hip hotel offers modern design sensibilities without the designer price tag, plus Vespa scooters for hire and beehives on the roof.


    Design on the Danube

    Wien, Lufthansa, Travelguide, Travel Guide, Mode

    Vienna is a flourishing fashion capital whose young designers have made waves internationally – its fashions are refreshingly fun and offbeat. The great opportunities and high

    quality of life the Austrian capital offers attracts a lot of young and upcoming fashion designers from all over the country.

    Eva Blut

    Jordangasse 3
    1010 Vienna
    Tel. +43-
1/524 05 95
    Show on map

    Ask Eva Buchleitner what she makes and she’ll say “tokens of chivalry.” That sounds like something from a bygone era, but the fashion accessories the 42-year-old designer sells under her own Eva Blut label are anything but old-fashioned. Her current collection of purses and bags displayed in the window of her store on a street corner in Vienna’s First District play with transparency and are made of materials as different as leather and nylon. The designs are straightforward with a twist. And that’s not just a figure of speech. The Twister bag made of slategray Napa leather and printed canvas turns on its own axis at the center so that it hugs your body no matter how you carry it. “I wanted to make bags that were practical and wearable,” Buchleitner explains, “that were both versatile and beautiful.”

    The Austrian-born designer is a pioneer of her country’s fledgling fashion scene. Ten years ago, the only Austrian couturier with an international reputation was Helmut Lang. Times have changed. “When I showed my collection in Paris in 2001, my label was one of only four or five from Austria,” Buchleitner explains. “That number has now grown to about 20.”

    Flo Vintage

    Schleifmühlgasse 15a
    1040 Vienna
    Tel. +43-1/ 86 07 73
    Show on map

    Viennese fashions are refreshingly fun and offbeat. Young designers are moving to the capital from Linz, Graz and Salzburg because of the great opportunities and quality of life Vienna offers. Lena Hoschek, Thomas Kirchgrabner and the Sandra Thaler and Annette Prechtl duo have all gained a reputation beyond Austria’s borders.

    While big international designers, like Miu Miu, Giorgio Armani and Louis Vuitton, have recently opened flagship stores downtown, Vienna’s local labels tend to be located in the Josefstadt, Mariahilf and Margareten districts, where apartments and studio spaces are less expensive. But examples of the local designers’ work can also be admired at the Modepalast trade fair ( and is a great place to meet the people behind the labels and shop to your heart’s content.

    Mark & Julia

    Kaiserstraße 34/1
    1070 Vienna
    Tel. +43-
676/ 89 73 61
    Show on map

    Julia Rupertsberger and Mark Baigent met at fashion school in Linz and soon began winning awards for their unisex designs after establishing the Mark & Julia label in January 2010. Although Julia and Mark both earn their living mainly as stylists, they have a clear goal: “If our designs aren’t earning us proper money by the time we’re 30, we’ve chosen the wrong career,” says Mark.

    Neither of them had wanted to remain in their hometown, Linz. “Vienna is the only Austrian city that has the stores, the media and the fashion scene,” Julia explains. “There’s a great awakening taking place in Vienna’s fashion scene right now,” she continues. And Vienna’s full of people willing to spend money. Mark & Julia’s last winter collection of roughly 300 pieces was sold out within two months.

    Ute Ploier

    Rüdigergasse 8/3
    1050 Vienna
    Tel.: +43-1/943 12 56
    Show on map

    Ute Ploier, 36, is a graduate of the renowned Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Her graduate collection won the City of Vienna Fashion Award, which came with prize money for starting her own collection. Ploier set up shop in 2003, specializing in men’s fashions because she liked the idea of turning the “men design for women” principle on its head.

    Her elegant androgynous blazers, pants and shirts have been shown in Paris, and her designs are extremely popular in Japan, although she has a loyal following in Vienna, too. “This city has made huge strides in fashion over the last ten years,” she says, “butthere’s still room for creativity.”

    Good to know

    Best time to visit

    Today: Monday, 27.07.2015 22:00 UTC

    No current information available




    wind direction

    wind speed

    8.75 mph



    7 days forecast



    26°C / 19°C

    79°F / 66°F



    23°C / 17°C

    73°F / 63°F



    22°C / 15°C

    72°F / 59°F



    25°C / 15°C

    77°F / 59°F



    27°C / 16°C

    81°F / 61°F



    29°C / 19°C

    84°F / 66°F



    32°C / 20°C

    90°F / 68°F

    Climate and best time to visit Vienna

    Vienna looks aristocratic at any time of year. The icy winter weather lends a crisp beauty to the city streets, conjuring up images of princesses being wooed by dashing young soldiers while skating on the River Danube. Summer brings the grounds of the Schloss Schönbrunn and Schloss Belvedere into radiant bloom, and lovers of Viennese coffee congregate in pavement cafés to watch the city go by. To enjoy Vienna on a more modest budget, visit in autumn, when prices tumble and crowds dwindle, except during the Vienna Film Festival in October. Culture buffs flock to Vienna for the Vienna Festival in May and June and the Spring Festival from March to May, when music fills the city’s concert halls.

    Climate & best time to visit Austria

    The best time to visit Austria is June to September for those seeking sunshine and low rainfull, whilst November to March are ideal for those seeking winter sports.


    18 °C

    64.4 °F

    -25 °C

    -13 °F

    20 °C

    68 °F

    -26 °C

    -14.8 °F

    25 °C

    77 °F

    -16 °C

    3.2 °F

    28 °C

    82.4 °F

    -7 °C

    19.4 °F

    36 °C

    96.8 °F

    -2 °C

    28.4 °F

    37 °C

    98.6 °F

    3 °C

    37.4 °F

    38 °C

    100.4 °F

    7 °C

    44.6 °F

    37 °C

    98.6 °F

    5 °C

    41 °F

    33 °C

    91.4 °F

    0 °C

    32 °F

    27 °C

    80.6 °F

    -8 °C

    17.6 °F

    21 °C

    69.8 °F

    -15 °C

    5 °F

    19 °C

    66.2 °F

    -22 °C

    -7.6 °F


    38 mm

    42 mm

    41 mm

    51 mm

    61 mm

    74 mm

    63 mm

    58 mm

    45 mm

    41 mm

    50 mm

    43 mm


    1 h

    2 h

    4 h

    5 h

    7 h

    7 h

    7 h

    7 h

    5 h

    4 h

    2 h

    1 h


    79 %

    76 %

    69 %

    64 %

    66 %

    66 %

    64 %

    68 %

    74 %

    78 %

    80 %

    80 %

    absolute maxabsolute minØ absolute minØ absolute minrelative humidityØ depositdays with deposit > 1mmsunshine duration
    Jan18 °C-25 °C1 °C-3 °C79 %38 mm81.8 h
    Feb20 °C-26 °C4 °C-1 °C76 %42 mm82.8 h
    Mar25 °C-16 °C9 °C1 °C69 %41 mm74.1 h
    Apr28 °C-7 °C15 °C6 °C64 %51 mm75.7 h
    May36 °C-2 °C19 °C10 °C66 %61 mm87.1 h
    Jun37 °C3 °C22 °C13 °C66 %74 mm97.4 h
    Jul38 °C7 °C25 °C15 °C64 %63 mm97.9 h
    Aug37 °C5 °C24 °C15 °C68 %58 mm87.4 h
    Sep33 °C0 °C20 °C11 °C74 %45 mm75.7 h
    Oct27 °C-8 °C14 °C7 °C78 %41 mm64.4 h
    Nov21 °C-15 °C8 °C3 °C80 %50 mm82.1 h
    Dec19 °C-22 °C3 °C0 °C80 %43 mm81.7 h
    year38 °C-26 °C14 °C6 °C72 %607 mm944.8 h
    Good to know

    Phone calls & Internet

    Telephone/Mobile Telephone

    Dialing Code: +43


    Call boxes are grey and found in all areas. International calls can be made from payphones with four coin slots.

    Mobile Telephone

    Roaming agreements exist with most international mobile phone companies. Coverage is good.


    Available throughout Austria. There are many Internet cafes.


    Shopping in Vienna

    Stadtführer, Lufthansa, Travelguide, Shopping, Einkaufen

    Key Areas

    There’s no denying that Vienna has style; shop for big brands along bustling Kärntner Strasse and Mariahilfer Strasse, or browse the cutting-edge ateliers in the Neubau District. For designer stores and old-fashioned sweetshops, explore the lanes around Graben and Kohlmarkt.


    To stock up on ingredients for a picnic lunch in the Stadtpark or Volksgarten, browse the stalls of the Naschmarkt, or head to the Karmelitermarkt in Second District, particular on Saturday for the farmers’ market. More foodie treats can be found in the Brunnenmarkt, Vienna’s longest street market. In December, Christmas markets open in city squares across the city.

    Shopping centres

    The Viennese prefer long shopping streets to enclosed malls, but there are plenty of modern-style shopping centres in the city. Small but central Ringstrassen Galerien is the most popular choice in the historic heart, and there is more mall shopping west of the centre at Lugner City on Gablenzgasse.


    My Vienna

    The 1070 in 7th district is where I like to go for a meal out – everything is freshly bought and prepared on the day there.

    Because of the tiny kitchen, they work to a “running cooking” concept. The courses are small so you may well end up ordering several.

    (Reservation recommended,

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    Dominik Düring (34), Purser

    Good to know

    Traveller etiquette

    Social Conventions

    Austrians tend to be quite formal in both their social and business dealings. They do not use first names when being introduced, but after the initial meeting first names are often used. Handshaking is customary when saying hello and goodbye. It is considered impolite to enter a restaurant or shop without saying Guten Tag (good day) or, more usually,

    Grüss Gott (common greeting which literally means ‘greet God’); similarly, to leave without saying Auf Wiedersehen (goodbye) can cause offence. If invited out to dinner, flowers should be brought for the hostess. The Church enjoys a high and respected position in Austrian society, which should be kept in mind.

    Good to know


    Ticks often live in heavily forested areas during the summer months in some of the more easterly parts of Austria and can create discomfort and, in very rare cases, serious infection to people who are bitten. Tick-borne encephalitis is endemic and travellers likely to find themselves in wooded areas from spring to autumn should take a course of injections. Rabies is present in Austria, although there have been no incidents reported in recent years. For those at high risk, vaccination before arrival should be considered. If you are bitten seek medical advice without delay.

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