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Danzig, Polen, Reise, Lufthansa, Travel Guide, Travelguide
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Danzig, Polen, Reise, Lufthansa, Travel Guide

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Danzig, Polen, Lufthansa, Travelguide, Travel Guide

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    Gdansk – a brief overview

    Poland’s pre-eminent port city wears its international influences with pride. Its food, architecture and traditions are a heady mix of the cultures which have passed through its streets over hundreds of years. Huge, impressive churches, excellent beer gardens and winding streets make this a city that’s easy to fall in love with.

    Take a river cruise, steep yourself in the area’s fascinating mercantile history and learn how the demise of communism in Poland began right here in the shipyards. Krakow and Warsaw might get the headlines, but Gdansk is every inch one of Poland’s best cities.

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    Top 10 sights in Gdansk

    Danzig, Polen, Lufthansa, Travelguide, Travel Guide

    Oliwa Cathedral

    Biskupa Edmunda Nowickiego 5
    Tel: 58 552 4765
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Daily 0900-1700 (cathedral)
    Mon-Fri 1000-1700
    Sat 1000-1500 (museum, Jul to mid-Sep)

    With an 800-year history, Oliwa Cathedral is one of Gdansk’s most important religious sites. Built by Cistercian monks and reconstructed constantly over the following centuries, its biggest feature is its stunning organ. Check local listings for recitals.

    St Mary’s Church

    Podkramarska 5
    80-834 Gdansk
    Tel: 58 301 3982
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Mon-Sat 0900-1730
    Sun 1300-1730 (Mar-May)
    Mon-Sat 0900-1830 (Jun-Sep)
    Sun 1300-1830
    Mon-Sat 0900-1700
    Sun 1300-1730 (Oct-Nov)

    Regarded as the largest brick-built church in the world, St Mary’s is one of Gdansk Old Town’s main attractions. Its immense size was only reached in 1502, almost 200 years after the original, smaller church was founded.

    National Maritime Museum

    Ołowianka 9-13
    80-751 Gdansk
    Tel: 58 301 8611
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Tue-Sun 1000-1600 (winter)
    Daily 1000-1800 (summer)
    hours vary however according to venue and month

    Spread over a series of buildings, the National Maritime Museum explores Gdansk’s relationship with the sea. From exhibitions of local art to interactive, multimedia tools looking at how the city relies on the water, this is a fascinating and worthwhile visit.

    Historical Museum of Gdansk

    Długa 46-47
    80-831 Gdansk
    Tel: 58 767 9100
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Tue 1000-1300
    Wed and Fri-Sat 1000-1600
    Thur 1000-1800
    Sun 1100 -1600

    The main outpost of the Historical Museum is located in the Main Town Hall. Different rooms reflect the changing styles of Gdansk down the ages, with impressive carvings and large artworks. There’s also a large exhibition on the city’s destruction during WWII.

    Upland Gate

    Wały Jagiellońskie
    80-853 Gdansk
    Show on map

    This impressive ornate gate marks the entrance to Gdansk Old Town and the start point of the old Royal Way, along which Polish kings paraded. You can even see the original pulleys used for the drawbridge. Today, the gate plays home to a handy tourist information centre.

    Roads to Freedom Exhibition

    Waly Piastowskie 24
    80-855 Gdansk
    Tel: 58 308 4428
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Tue-Sun 1000-1800 (May-Sep)
    Tue-Sun 1000-1700 (Oct-Apr)

    The most vital sight in Gdansk. Delve into this old bunker to discover how the locals fought communism between the 1940s and 1980s. Listen to speeches by dockworker and Solidarity leader Lech Wałęsa and explore the impact totalitarian rule had on the city.

    St Nicholas’s Church

    Świętojańska 72
    80-840 Gdansk
    Tel: 58 301 3577
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Daily 0800-1900

    This stunning Dominican church is the only Catholic place of worship to have escaped WWII without so much as a scratch. Its ornate altar and wall decorations are some of the most beautiful in Poland.

    St Catherine’s Church

    Profesorska 3
    80-856 Gdansk
    Tel: 58 301 1595
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Daily 1000-1800

    Rebuilt after a major fire in 2006, St Catherine’s is the oldest church in Gdansk, stretching back to 1220. The church towers over the Old Town and is another religious monument you should be sure to add to your itinerary.

    Artus Court Museum

    Długi Targ 43-44
    80-831 Gdansk
    Tel: 58 767 9180
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Tue 1000-1300
    Wed and Sat-Sun 1000-1600
    Thu 1000-1800

    A branch of the Historical Museum, Artus Court is one of the most striking buildings in Gdansk. A 14th-century marvel, it was destroyed during the war, but rebuilt with impressive exactitude in the years after. Stop by to see classic Polish furniture and artefacts.

    Gdansk Crane

    Szeroka 67-68
    80-835 Gdansk
    Tel: 58 301 6938
    Show on map

    Opening times:
    Daily 1000-1800 (Jul-Aug)
    Tue-Sun 1000-1500 or 1000-1600 (Sep-Jun)

    Part of the Maritime Museum complex, the Gdansk Crane is worth some special attention. One of the last surviving relics of the old shipyard, it served as a working crane from the 14th to the 19th centuries.

    Good to know

    Country information

    Country overview

    One of Europe’s most underrated countries, Poland offers a huge amount for travellers of all stripes, from the wild scenery of its mountainous south, with its great skiing and hiking, to the stunning Old Towns of Cracow, Zamość and Gdańsk, and the wilderness of the Białowieża National Park and the Great Masurian Lakes in the country’s north. Poland’s scenic beauty is as varied as it is extraordinary.

    The Baltic coast has some excellent sandy beaches, as well as the Słowiński National Park with its ethereal forests, bogs and sand dunes. The Cracow-Wielun Upland with its limestone areas, caves and medieval castles is another highlight, while perhaps most beautiful area of all is around the Carpathian Mountains in the far south.


    Poland shares borders to the east and northeast with Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, to the south with the Czech Republic and Slovakia and to the west with Germany. To the north lies the Baltic Sea. The Baltic coast provides almost 525km (325 miles) of sandy beaches, bays and steep cliffs; between Gdańsk, and the port city of Szczecin to the west there are many seaside towns offering unpolluted water and some fine beaches, with sunbeds and umbrellas available for hire. These sand and gravel deposits also form the shifting dunes of Słowiński National Park, the sand bars of Hel and the Vistula Lagoon.

    Northern Poland is dominated by lakes, islands and wooded hills joined by many rivers and canals. The Masurian Lake District to the northeast is a patchwork of lakes and forests with Lake Hańcza, the deepest lake in Poland, located here. The longest river, the 1,090km (675 mile) Vistula, or Wisła, rises in the Tatra mountains and empties into the Baltic, cutting a wide valley between the capital, Warsaw in the heart of the country, to Gdańsk on the coast.

    The rest of the country rises slowly to the Sudety mountains, which run along the border with the Czech Republic, and the Tatra mountains, which separate Poland from Slovakia.

    To the west, the River Oder, with Szczecin at its mouth, forms the northwest border with Germany.

    Poland counts almost two dozen national parks, covering an area of 3,200 sq km (1,235 sq miles), and including the oldest, Białowieża National Park, east of Warsaw on the border with Belarus, and one of the largest, Bieszczady National Park, part of the Carpathian mountain range. These parks are home to European bison (the largest mammal in Europe), brown bears, lynx, wolves and even some wild horses. And Białowieża contains a fragment of the forest that once covered Europe prehistoric times, with some oaks dating back half a millennium. Polish forests are largely pine though, accounting for two-thirds of the total.

    General knowledge

    Key facts

    Population: 38.383.809

    Population Density (per sq km): 123

    Capital: Warsaw.


    Polish is the official language. There are a few small German-speaking communities primarily in the southwest. English and, increasingly less so, Russian are also spoken. French is also popular.


    Złoty (PLN; symbol zł) = 100 groszy. Notes are in denominations of zł200, 100, 50, 20 and 10. The coins are in denominations of zł5, 2 and 1, and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 groszy. Poland is required under the terms of its accession to the European Union in 2004 to adopt the Euro as its national currency sometime in the future but this is not expected to happen for at least three years.


    230 volts AC, 50Hz; continental plugs with two round pins.

    General business opening hours

    Most offices in major industries open Mon-Fri 0830-1700. Government offices are open Mon-Fri 0830-1630. A few independent businesses may open on Saturday morning.

    Public holidays

    Below are listed Public Holidays for the January 2014-December 2015 period.


    New Year’s Day: 01. January 2014
    Easter Monday: 21. April 2014
    State Holiday: 01. May 2014
    Constitution Day: 03. May 2014
    Ascension Day: 29. May 2014
    Corpus Christi: 19. June 2014
    Assumption: 15. August 2014
    All Saints’ Day: 01. November 2014
    Independence Day: 11. November 2014
    Christmas Day: 25. December 2014
    Second Day of Christmas: 26. December 2014


    New Year’s Day: 01. January 2015
    Easter Monday: 06. April 2015
    State Holiday: 01. May 2015
    Constitution Day: 03. May 2015
    Ascension Day: 14. May 2015
    Corpus Christi: 04. June 2015
    Assumption: 15. August 2015
    All Saints’ Day: 01. November 2015
    Independence Day: 11. November 2015
    Christmas Day: 25. December 2015
    Second Day of Christmas: 26. December 2015


    Nightlife in Gdansk


    Stag dos are an unfortunate byproduct of the affordable bars across the city. But that’s not to say there aren’t plenty of decent joints for grabbing a drink or going dancing.

    Hotel bars offer a great way to add a bit of luxury to proceedings, with great views to match.


    Szafarnia 9
    80-755 Gdansk
    Show on map

    In an old granary building, this microbrewery serves Gdansk’s best beers.

    Sure Bar, Radisson Blu Hotel

    Długi Targ 19
    80-828 Gdansk
    Show on map

    Overlooking Długi Targ, this hotel bar is a cut above your usual hostelry, with superb cocktails and a classy setting.

    Cafe Absinthe

    Świętego Ducha 2
    80-001 Gdansk
    Show on map

    Absinthe is the big draw here, but the selection of beers is impressive too.

    Cafe Szafa

    Podmurze 2
    80-835 Gdansk
    Show on map

    A decent pub atmosphere with a huge range of strong local tipples.

    Buffet Club

    Doki 1/145B
    Show on map

    Gigs, club nights and exhibitions are always on at this hip hangout in the old Lenin shipyards.


    Restaurants in Gdansk


    Gdansk is becoming more and more popular with the city break crowd. As such, the restaurant scene has received a major boost, as competition for hungry tourists hots up.

    There’s a decent blend of local Polish delicacies and international flavours across town.

    Filharmonia Restaurant

    Ołowianka 1
    80-751 Gdansk
    Show on map

    Price: Expensive

    Seasonal food with a futuristic, molecular take on Polish classics.


    Wartka 5
    80-841 Gdansk
    Show on map

    Price: Expensive

    Highly rated, with a tasteful dining room, Kubicki serves some of the best fish dishes in the city.


    Świętego Ducha 16
    80-834 Gdansk
    Show on map

    Price: Moderate

    One of the city’s most renowned eateries, dishing up hefty Polish meals in an impressive, traditional setting.

    Pod Łososiem

    Szeroka 52-54
    80-835 Gdansk
    Show on map

    Price: Moderate

    Resolutely old school and stunningly opulent, head here to taste local salmon washed down with Goldwasser vodka.

    Bar Pod Ryba

    Piwna 61-63
    80-831 Gdansk
    Show on map

    Price: Cheap

    Great-value jacket potatoes are the star of the menu here, piled high with inventive fillings and sauces such as salmon, herring or wild mushrooms.


    Calendar of events

    Vilnius Fair

    1 – 30 September 2014

    Venue: Coal Market (Targ Weglowy).

    Lithuanian culture is presented in this annual fair held every September in Gdansk. Expect traditional food and drink, as well as concerts, competitions and entertainment.

    Shakespeare Festival

    27 September – 5 October 2014

    Venue: Various venues.

    Commemorating Shakespeare and his works, this festival has various plays and performances. Visitors can also meet the cast and directors after shows.

    Yach Film Festival

    1 – 31 December 2014

    Venue: Various venues.

    This festival is the oldest of its kind in Poland. Submissions of video clips are taken and anyone wishing to participate can watch and vote on the videos. Prizes are then awarded to best video clip, best director, best cinematography, etc.

    New Year’s Eve

    31 December 2014 – 1 January 2015

    Venue: Dlugi Targ.

    Ring in the New Year with this annual party when fireworks light up the sky and almost every restaurant and bar in town is open until late.

    Spring Festival

    1 May – 26 August 2015

    Venue: Various venues.

    Ranging from orchestral performances to dances, this festival features music from around the world.

    Heineken Opener Festival

    1 – 4 July 2015

    Venue: Gydnia-Kosakowo Airport.

    This annual music festival features a variety of artists, including past performances from Foster the People, Alt-J, and more. Festival goers can purchase tickets ranging from a single day pass to a four-day campsite ticket.

    Baltic Sail Gdansk

    1 – 31 July 2015

    Venue: Fish Market (Targ Rybny).

    This sailing event is open to both tourists and locals, and sees participants take cruises around the Baltic Sea for a small fee, while meeting people who share a similar love for sailing and the sea.

    Gdansk Dance Festival

    1 – 31 July 2015

    Venue: Various venues.

    If you love music and dance, this festival is for you. Each year features a different theme with group performances and dance competitions. You can even brush up on your ballet skills with workshops.


    19 – 20 July 2015

    Venue: Oliwa Park.

    This family-friendly event features various music, film and entertainment performances, along with educational workshops. Activities correspond to a theme, which changes from year to year.

    St Dominic’s Fair

    26 July – 17 August 2015

    Venue: Various venues.

    This open-air market draws over six million visitors annually. The event is the largest of its kind in Poland with hundreds of stalls offering a variety of items, including arts, crafts and antiques. Parades, performances and competitions also take place during this three-week fair.

    All information subject to change. Please check the dates on the relevant event organizer’s website.


    Hotels in Gdansk


    Gdansk has some excellent hotel options, whatever your budget.

    There are clean and comfortable inexpensive spots, plenty of decent business-style boltholes and luxury pads housed in historical buildings.

    Hotel Podewils

    Szafarnia 2
    80-755 Gdansk
    Show on map

    Category: Expensive

    Traditional and luxurious, this Old Town spot is right in the heart of the action.

    Hanza Hotel

    Tokarska 6
    80-888 Gdansk
    Show on map

    Category: Expensive

    Right by the river, this modern hotel has sharp, well-designed rooms.

    La Petite

    Na Zboczu 39
    80-110 Gdansk
    Show on map

    Category: Moderate

    A highly rated bed and breakfast with smart rooms and a central location.

    Hotel Fahrenheit Gdansk

    Grodzka 19
    80-841 Gdansk
    Show on map

    Category: Moderate

    In a historical building, this 4-star spot has cosy and well-appointed rooms.

    Hotel Logos

    Jana Uphagena 28
    80-237 Gdansk
    Show on map

    Category: Cheap

    A business hotel that won’t break the bank, with a good menu of Polish dishes.

    Good to know

    Best time to visit

    Today: Saturday, 20.12.2014 11:00





    wind direction


    wind speed

    20.625 mph



    7 days forecast



    6°C / 2°C

    43°F / 36°F



    8°C / 3°C

    46°F / 37°F



    8°C / 6°C

    46°F / 43°F



    8°C / 4°C

    46°F / 39°F



    4°C / 1°C

    39°F / 34°F



    2°C / -1°C

    36°F / 30°F




    32°F / 28°F

    Climate & best time to visit Poland

    Poland’s climate is temperate with warm (often very hot) summers, crisp, sunny autumns and cold winters. Snow covers the mountainous area in the south of Poland (mid-December to April). Rain falls throughout the year. The most pleasant times to visit Poland are late spring and early summer (mid-May-June) and late summer and early autumn (September and October), when it’s still warm but unlikely to be too hot and the crowds of tourists have either not arrived yet or already gone home.
    The added advantages are that you’ll hit the asparagus season in late season and hiking is at its best in early autumn.


    11 °C

    51.8 °F

    -31 °C

    -23.8 °F

    17 °C

    62.6 °F

    -27 °C

    -16.6 °F

    20 °C

    68 °F

    -23 °C

    -9.4 °F

    26 °C

    78.8 °F

    -8 °C

    17.6 °F

    32 °C

    89.6 °F

    -3 °C

    26.6 °F

    33 °C

    91.4 °F

    0 °C

    32 °F

    35 °C

    95 °F

    2 °C

    35.6 °F

    35 °C

    95 °F

    3 °C

    37.4 °F

    31 °C

    87.8 °F

    -2 °C

    28.4 °F

    25 °C

    77 °F

    -8 °C

    17.6 °F

    16 °C

    60.8 °F

    -14 °C

    6.8 °F

    12 °C

    53.6 °F

    -20 °C

    -4 °F


    30 mm

    24 mm

    23 mm

    32 mm

    44 mm

    58 mm

    65 mm

    68 mm

    52 mm

    43 mm

    49 mm

    39 mm


    1 h

    2 h

    3 h

    5 h

    7 h

    8 h

    7 h

    7 h

    5 h

    3 h

    1 h

    1 h


    86 %

    84 %

    81 %

    76 %

    73 %

    71 %

    73 %

    76 %

    78 %

    81 %

    85 %

    87 %


    2 °C

    35.6 °F

    1 °C

    33.8 °F

    2 °C

    35.6 °F

    4 °C

    39.2 °F

    7 °C

    44.6 °F

    12 °C

    53.6 °F

    16 °C

    60.8 °F

    17 °C

    62.6 °F

    15 °C

    59 °F

    11 °C

    51.8 °F

    8 °C

    46.4 °F

    5 °C

    41 °F

    absolute maxabsolute minØ absolute minØ absolute minrelative humidityØ depositdays with deposit > 1mmsunshine duration
    Jan11 °C-31 °C0 °C-4 °C86 %30 mm8.31.2 h
    Feb17 °C-27 °C1 °C-4 °C84 %24 mm6.82.1 h
    Mar20 °C-23 °C5 °C-1 °C81 %23 mm6.73.8 h
    Apr26 °C-8 °C10 °C2 °C76 %32 mm7.35.3 h
    May32 °C-3 °C16 °C7 °C73 %44 mm87.3 h
    Jun33 °C0 °C20 °C10 °C71 %58 mm8.18.7 h
    Jul35 °C2 °C21 °C13 °C73 %65 mm9.37.3 h
    Aug35 °C3 °C21 °C13 °C76 %68 mm9.37.0 h
    Sep31 °C-2 °C18 °C9 °C78 %52 mm8.75.3 h
    Oct25 °C-8 °C12 °C6 °C81 %43 mm8.63.2 h
    Nov16 °C-14 °C6 °C1 °C85 %49 mm9.31.5 h
    Dec12 °C-20 °C2 °C-1 °C87 %39 mm9.71.0 h
    year35 °C-31 °C11 °C4 °C79 %526 mm100.14.5 h
    Good to know

    Phone calls & Internet

    Telephone/Mobile Telephone

    Dialing Code: +48


    You can buy telephone cards from post offices, newspaper kiosks and hotel receptions for both domestic and international calls.

    Mobile Telephone

    Roaming agreements exist with most international mobile phone companies; most of the country is covered. You can buy local SIM cards once in Poland and use them in unlocked GSM handsets, with top-ups available at phone shops, newspaper kiosks and some ATMs.


    There are many internet cafés in cities and Wi-Fi is available in hotels, hostels and cafés and plenty of other public spaces.


    Shopping in Gdansk

    Stadtführer, Lufthansa, Travelguide, Shopping, Einkaufen

    Key Areas

    There are major malls along the city’s ring road, so if you’ve hired a car, you can easily drive out for a day of shopping. There’s an out-of-town discount park, the Fashion House Outlet Centre (Przywidzka 8), as well as some excellent shopping to be had in the Old Town. The latter is ideal if you’re not too keen on travelling out to spend up.


    Hala Targowa (Plac Dominkański 1) is a 19th-century covered market which was once the city’s key shopping destination.

    Alas, malls have seen it become a shell of its former self, but it’s still worth a visit to pick up bargains and get a glimpse of old Gdansk. Zielony Rynek (Czerwony Dwór 33) is an open-air market that is also definitely fun to check out.

    Shopping Centres

    Galeria Baltycka (Aleja Grunwaldzka 141) is the hottest mall in town. Just outside of the centre, it plays home to big brands like Carrefour, H&M and Zara. Madison Gallery (Rajska 10), in the heart of Gdansk, is now a major destination in its own right.

    Good to know

    Traveller etiquette

    Social Conventions

    Poles are friendly, industrious people and foreigners are usually made very welcome. There are vast contrasts between urban and rural life and the Polish peasantry is very religious and conservative, maintaining a traditional lifestyle. Roman Catholicism plays an important role in daily life and criticism or jokes about religion are not appreciated, despite the general good humour of the people.

    Shaking hands is the normal form of greeting; an older man will often kiss a woman’s hand.

    Normal courtesies are observed when visiting private homes, and it is customary to bring flowers, preferably in odd numbers. Fairly conservative casual wear is the most suitable attire, but dress should be formal when specified for entertaining in the evening or in a smart restaurant. Smoking is banned in public places, including railway stations, restaurants and bars.


    Military installations including border points should not be photographed.

    Good to know


    Main emergency number: 112

    Food & Drink

    Mains water is normally chlorinated, and while relatively safe may cause mild abdominal upsets. Do not drink water from rivers or lakes even if they look pristinely clean as it may contain bacteria or viruses that can bring on diarrhoea and vomiting. Make use of the public wells for better tasting water; bottled water is available everywhere. Milk is pasteurised and dairy products are safe for consumption. Local meat, poultry, seafood, fruit and vegetables are generally considered safe to eat.

    Two words of caution – a lot of dishes in Polish cuisine are stuffed or wrapped. Avoid them at a cafeteria or buffet if they look like they have outlasted their shelf life. Also, Poles can be big drinkers and vodka is the national drink. You definitely won’t be able to keep up with your fellow drinkers for long. Go easy and either miss a few turns or sip your drink in stages. Otherwise count on the mother of all hangovers and an upset stomach the next day.

    Other Risks

    Vaccinations against tuberculosis and hepatitis B are sometimes recommended. Another one is against tick-borne encephalitis. This is spread by small insects that burrow under the skin and in recent years has become a common problem in parts of central and eastern Europe. Encephalitis is a serious infection of the brain, and vaccination is advised particularly for campers and hikers. Anyone who is considering spending a lot of time outdoors in affected areas should consider getting the jab before they leave home. Two inoculations of the vaccine will protect the recipient for a year while three doses provide protection for up to three years.

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